About Us

About us

The Back Story

It was back in 2006 when my cousin Joe and I started backpack hunting for Coues deer here in Arizona.  Every time we would pack our bags we would take small sand bags with us to use as rifle rests.  One would carry the rear bag and the other would carry one for the front of the stock to spread the weight.  After a few years of hunting this way we got fed up with how heavy our packs were.  We started to look into shedding some weight for our next trip.


That year Joe decided to rip open one of his bean bags at his house and fill a sock with the fill.  It was genius! A lightweight bag that worked for a rear bag however, what about the front? Every time we would lay the rifle on the sock it would just collapse with no support.  I then decided to fill a dry bag with a similar material but smaller fill and it worked amazing.  That following year we took our home made bags to the field and hunted through the harsh terrain of the desert.  I quickly found out that the dry bag, as light as it was wasn’t able to handle the cat’s claw or the rough granite.  The fill kept on flying out of the bag looking like a light snowstorm in the middle of the desert.

The Birth of Tony Bag of Doughnuts

When we got back home I started to come up with a way to still keep the bag light however with a tougher material.  I started to do some research and I found the Cordura nylon 1000D material was what I needed.  It was tough and water resistant.  So I asked my mom a former seamstress to help me out.  She sewed the Cordura over my dry bag and Bam no more snow showers in the field.  As time had gone by many of my friends and family caught on my little invention and asked if I could make them one.  So I kept on asking my mom to sew the bags for me and I would fill them.  This became a little hobby for a while but none of us were getting paid.  I never charged anyone for the bags.  I was just eager to help my fellow hunting buddies save some weight and shoot better. The demand for me to make bags for friends and friends of friends became high.  After a little while I felt bad asking my mom to keep sewing the bags for me so I purchased a Juki KU-1181N Sewing machine.  Let say this was not cheap but I wanted to make the bags myself and possibly sell them.  As time had gone by I started to learn how to sew however I was very slow.  It took me an hour to sew something my mom could do in 10 minutes.  I started coming up with new styles of bags that would help me in the field and my mom was eager to help me with this.

Phoenix Shooting bags

It got to the point I was getting calls from guys I didn’t know “hey could you make me one of those bags”., and I was filling a couple orders a week.  My Mom and I started to come up with all the new designs and sizes and I began to test them in the field. Confident from the reports I was getting from my happy customers and my own testing that’s when I decided to start Phoenix Shooting Bags. For the last 4 years my bags have been tested and proven to perform by the Phoenix Sheriff Department, Military and everyday hunters like you and I.  My goal is to help out every hunter shoot better while not having to carry a heavy sand bag in the field.

“I want to thank you for choosing Phoenix Shooting Bags.  I am proud to say that all bags are made here in Phoenix Arizona.  I appreciate your support and good luck on your next hunt.” Anthony Stallone

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